The Goodie Bag and Other Fun Stuff

The goodie bag and other fun stuff help make a counseling session an occasion for joy, as well understanding.

Your Goodie Bag

This particular "loot and learning bag" is geared to college students.

Most practitioners agree that there are at least six components to health:

1. Physical (nutrition, avoiding harmful substances, sleep, exercise, health care)

2. Social (friends, family, co-workers, pets)

3. Emotional (self care, laughter, hobbies)

4. Spiritual (altruism, Higher Power, volunteering)

5. Intellectual (university, learning something new)

6. Vocational (meaningful work)

I would add to that the social determinants of health and for students these include:

7. enough money (part-time work, bursaries)

8. safe housing (off campus housing, rez)

This "Loot and Learning" Bag is mostly to help clients and you have some fun – but also to reinforce the six (to eight) components of whole health.

G. B. Toys

Physical - nutritious snack

Social – mug

Emotional – “stuffy” (plush toy)

Spiritual – journal / note pad

Intellectual – interesting pen

Vocational – tote bag

G. B. Information

Physical – School and community resources

Social – Recreational activities

Emotional – Jan’s “business card”

Spiritual - freebies card (ie for plants, fish, cats, mystery novels, homemade blankets, lending library of books and videos)

Intellectual – school success booklet

Vocational – career options info

Naturally, goodie bag contents and information would be geared to the population you serve. Dollar stores, garage sales, bargain basements and second-hand stores are a great source for these treasures.

The most thoroughly wasted of all days is that on which one has not laughed. - Nicolas de Chamfort

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